Puppy preschool

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At Annandale Animal Hospital we appreciate that the first few weeks with a puppy can be challenging. These early weeks are also a critical window of opportunity when puppies need to be exposed to new experiences in a supportive way to reduce the risk of developing anxiety or aggression in later life. We encourage all owners of new puppies to attend our Puppy Preschool. Run by experienced veterinary nurses and veterinarians with an interest in behaviour, these classes run over four weeks.

During Puppy Preschool you can expect your puppy to be exposed to novel experiences such as unusual sounds and textures and other people, as well as learning to play nicely with puppies of all shapes and sizes. You will be taught how to introduce these experiences to your puppy outside of Puppy Preschool. You can expect your puppy to learn how to be confident and friendly to people and dogs through the lessons learnt in these classes.

We also cover positive reinforcement training, basic obedience commands and good manners, health, hygiene, nutrition, environmental enrichment, toilet training and settling your puppy.


All training is positive, using reward based training; the gentle modern and most effective method.

Most of all the classes are fun. You will meet other owners of young puppies in the area, have a chance to play games, win prizes, tour the clinic and participate in our Puppy Preschool Graduation Party.

Puppy Preschool is suitable for puppies aged 8-14 weeks in their starting week. As classes are limited to 6 puppies, we advise you to book your puppy in early! Classes usually start every 2-3 weeks. Please contact us to find out when our next class is starting.